At Vermont Wood'n Sounds we don't have "models" instead we custom make each dulcimer.  That allows you to decide about the type of wood used for each part of the dulcimer, the sound hole design, and the size you need; standard (tuned DAD) or baritone (turned AEA). 

If you prefer, you can also browse the dulcimers we have available for immediate sale in our store.

Each of our dulcimers is as unique as the individuals that play them. 

Our standard dulcimer price is $425.   

For that you get a dulcimer designed specifically for you. Made with a combination of Walnut, Butternut, and/or cherry.  The peg head and fret board are made with Walnut with an overlay of  Jatoba.  Our dulcimers use enclosed gear, chrome finish tuners with a gear ratio of 14:1.

We offer a number of sound hole designs and can also work with you to design these for your unique instrument.

A scroll head, instead of a flat head, is $28 more.

Specialty wood is also available such as Mahogany, Curly Maple, Worm Wood, etc.  These are charged at “Market Price”. Whatever it costs us to purchase this wood for you at the time you place your order we add to the purchase price of the dulcimer.

Inlay is also available with the price depending on the design you want for your instrument.

Please use the “Contact” page to begin the journey to your unique, made just for you, mountain dulcimer.