People are talking about our dulcimers ...

"I love my George Handy baritone dulcimer. The padauk wood gives it a deep, rich resonance that is warm but not overpowering. The intonation is perfect and the shorter fretboard and action make it more accommodating for my small hands. The dulcimer is well made and reflective of George's craftsmanship."  Dana Gruber, mountain dulcimer performer and instructor, Milford OH --- [Editor's note: See Dana's website at:   Also, a picture of Dana's dulcimer can be seen on our "images" page.]

"My husband, Ed, and I had the pleasure of meeting George and Sandy Handy at the 2015 Great American Dulcimer Convention at Pine Mountain Resort Park, Pineville, KY.  Ed surprised me with a beautiful new dulcimer made by George!  The combination of 4 wood varieties especially caught my eye, not to mention its lovely voice.  The quilted carry bag, hand-made by Sandy, is lovely as well.  Such nice folks!"  Barb U. and Ed V., Kentucky

"George made me a dulcimer with a white maple top and cherry bottom. This dulcimer has a very sweet and mellow sound.  The action on the fretboard is great.  George is a fine craftsman."  Roni L., Burlington VT

"I love my new Walnut baritone that George and Sandy made for me.  It is absolutely gorgeous with book-matched walnut on both the top and the back.  I am particularly thankful to George that he was able to incorporate some black cherry wood that my dad had been working on just before he passed.  George customized this dulcimer for me with Hamsa sound holes and beautiful Hamsa inlays using my dad’s wood.  I also wanted a shorter fret board to accommodate my strumming style.  George was able to put this all together in a dulcimer that both looks and sounds beautiful." Lynna J., Marlboro VT   --- [Editors Note:  See pictures of this dulcimer on our "Images" page and hear a recording of it on our "Sound Samples" page ... ]

"I received one of George's dulcimers as a birthday gift from my wife.  The workmanship was excellent and George obviously takes great pride in his work. The instrument has beautiful tone and I am proud to have it as a part of my collection.  He has my highest recommendations!" Mark B., Vernon, VT

“I heard George playing his dulcimer and I liked it so much I asked him to make me one.  I liked the sound of that first dulcimer he made me so much that I asked him to make me another one.  Both of my dulcimers sound great.” Mike, Bratleboro, VT  --- [Editors Note:  Hear recordings of both dulcimers on our "Sound Samples" page ... ]

“I got my first dulcimer about two and a half years ago.  It’s a standard sized with Red Cedar.  I liked it so much I asked George to make me another dulcimer.  My second is a baritone with natural sound holes.  I love it and I call it “Baby”.  George made it black just the way I wanted it by dying the wood.  I hope to get another dulcimer from George and I will call that new one “Big Boy”.  George’s work is outstanding.  I can’t say enough about it.  You won’t go wrong if you get one so go for it!” Karen, Brattleboro, VT  --- [Editors Note:  Hear recordings of both dulcimers on our "Sound Samples" page ... ]