Sound Samples

Dulcimers may look beautiful but they also need to sound great to be considered fine musical instruments.

Here are a few recordings of real players playing real dulcimers made by Vermont Wood'n Sounds. In order to provide the closest authentic sound of the instruments, these are unedited, natural recordings using minimal equipment.  Since the instruments are so unique and so loved, most owners of Vermont Wood'n Sounds dulcimers choose to name their instruments. 

  • Carol Ann playing "Dolpheena" a teardrop standard made with a Butternut sound board, Mahogany back and sides, with Oak and Black Cherry fret board
  • Carol Ann playing "Red" an all Redwood standard
  • Gabe played two tunes on his walnut teardrop that he made with help from George, one  finger-picked and one strummed
  • George H playing "Knotty" an all Black Walnut baritone with a Black Cherry and Lacewood fret board
  • George playing his own Left-Handed standard
  • Karen played "Baby" a Koa and Black Cherry dulcimer with natural sound holes
  • Karen also played her standard with Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, East Indian Rosewood and Padauk.
  • Lisa is a brand new player with a brand new Fiddle-style body dulcimer with Curly Maple and Black Walnut.  Lynna playing two tunes on her dulcimer, one stummed and one flat-picked
  • Lynna playing "Hand of God" a Walnut baritone tuned AEA
  • Lynna (a right-handed player) playing George's Left-Handed standard dulcimer made with all Walnut
  • Lynna playing Mike's "African Jukebox" using Zebrawood, African Mahogany, Stika Spruce, and Purpleheart
  • Mike playing his "Teddy Bear" a teardrop dulcimer made with Ambrosia wood



Below is a link to Maria Calfa-DePaul playing the beautiful "Dona Nobis Pachem" one a Vermont Wood'n Sounds made dulcimer: